LaCour, Kirk

Kirk LaCour has been in the Emergency Medical Services field for 20 years and is now responsible for training EMT’s and Paramedics at nine campuses across Louisiana and Texas, and he serves as associate counsel and associate privacy officer for Acadian Ambulance Service. LaCour has associate degrees in Emergency Medical Services and Biology, Bachelor’s Degrees in Human Medicine and Health Sciences, a MBA, and a Juris Doctorate Degree.

LaCour worked in all facets of public service, from a police officer, firefighter, Paramedic, corrections officer, deputy coroner, and now a licensed attorney. He is a member of multiple business honor societies and several professional organizations. LaCour serves on the Louisiana EMS Task Force representing EMS Education Institutions in Louisiana, and he is a board member for the Upper Lafayette Economic Development Foundation. LaCour has completed the FEMA Professional Development Series of Emergency Management, and worked as a training specialist for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services National Disaster Management System.

LaCour has proven experience and success in executive leadership, strategy and execution in start-up, established, and turnaround environments. He is a high performance, key contributor to enterprise-level planning and decision-making with continual success in maximizing organizational performance to drive growth and revenue, improve profits and enhance value. LaCour exhibits an equal blend of business strategist and tactical operational leader, with a record of consistently developing and executing significant strategies, making crucial decisions, and achieving mission-critical business goals. He is respected as a motivational, lead-by-example manager, change agent, and proponent of empowerment and accountability with exceptional project management and project organizational skills.

Director at National EMS Academy & Associate Counsel
P.O. Box 98000
(337) 291-3372
Upper Lafayette Platinum Member & Board Member