IberiaBank launches Subsidy Program for Moderate Income Families

Over the past 125 years, IBERIABANK has grown from a small New Iberia-based savings and loan to the largest Louisiana-headquartered financial holding company. The Company’s commitment to serve clients well has not changed since 1887.

In an effort to help clients attain home ownership, IBERIABANK has launched the Subsidy Program. This grant program will fund $1 million in down payments and closing costs to qualified clients in designated service areas over the next three years.

Grants up to $4,000 per transaction will be given to qualified clients in the Company’s service areas. The grants will be administered through local non-profit partners.

“We recognize that many of our clients are working hard to provide for their families,” says Jerry Vascocu, Lafayette President of IBERIABANK. “We are proud to give them the additional support they need to buy a home or refinance an existing property.”

For more information about loan options and the Subsidy Program, visit with a mortgage representative: http://www.iberiabankmortgage.com/contactUs.com or call Customer Service at 1-800-682-3231.